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Sodium fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate MES
脂肪酸甲酯磺酸钠 MES
脂肪酸甲酯磺酸钠 MES

Sodium fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate MES

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ØSodium fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate

CAS NO: 4062-78-64016-24-4 trade name: fatty acid sodium methylsulfonate MES

English name: Sodium fatty acid sodium methyl sulfonate

Technical index:



MES-86 (pure powder)

MES-86 (Flake)

MES-86 powder (15% zeolite)





Appearance (25Ċ)

White or light yellow powder

Light yellow flake

White or light yellow powder





Active matter%
















PH value (25℃, 1% am)
















Disodium salt








Color 5%











MES is derived from renewable palm oil and is a biodegradable green surfactant. At the same time, it has a higher detergency, compared with traditional anionic surface active, the amount of decontamination required to achieve the same is lower, helping to reduce the use of organic matter in detergents and carbon dioxide emissions. MES also has some other excellent properties, such as excellent resistance to hard water and low skin irritation.

MES is a new type of surfactant that is green, efficient, and safer for people and the environment, and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

When MES is used in powder detergents, it can improve the formula's washing power and hard water resistance, help reduce the amount of zeolite and other water softeners, reduce the deposition of inorganic salts on clothing, and make clothing softer and less prone to graying. However, MES has the problem of being easily hydrolyzed under high alkaline conditions. In recent years, the application of MES in washing powder has achieved technological breakthroughs. It has been widely used in domestic mainstream powder detergent products to improve the greening of products. In addition, the powdered MES is very suitable as a main ingredient in concentrated powder detergents, which solves the problem that traditional concentrated formulas are difficult to dry and form. When MES is used in concentrated liquid detergent, it can be compounded with polyol, oleic acid and other raw materials to solve the problem of low temperature stability of the formula.

MES is also widely used in various industrial fields such as pesticides, mineral processing, leather, and paint. Such as polymeric emulsifiers such as pesticide emulsifier, wettable powder, mineral flotation agent, leather fatliquor, paint film-forming agent, etc.


MES application range 1. Furniture care washing products, such as washing powder, liquid detergent, tableware detergent, floor cleaning agent, multi-functional cleaning products, etc.      2. Textile industry detergents, such as soaping agent, refining agent, degreasing     Agents 3. Leather chemicals, such as leather degreasers, fatliquors, etc.;      4. Flotation agents for mineral flotation;      5. Solubilizers in oil-in-water systems;      6. Rubber industry. 




Product Features

 1. Renewable resources derived from natural raw materials, good biodegradability and environmentally friendly products; 
    2. Mild performance, less irritating to human body than alkylbenzene sulfonic acid; 
    3. Low oral toxicity, practically non-toxic to organisms; 
. Good washing performance, maintaining good washing performance in cold water and hard water. Detergency in soft water is higher than sulfonic acid. In hard water, the gap is more obvious, and this is one of the main weaknesses of sulfonic acid; 
    5. Compatibility Good, suitable for compounding with other surfactants, the compounding effect is obvious, and it is applied in the formula to maintain enzyme activity better than alkylbenzene sulfonic acid; 
    6. Has excellent solubilizing ability, under the same conditions, solubilizing ability It is twice that of LAS and AS; 
    7. Good foamability, the foam performance of C12-14 carbon MES and other surfactants are basically the same; 
    8. Calcium soap is well dispersed, suitable for addition and modification of soap and soap, can reduce soap scale Formation; 
    9. Phosphorus-free performance is good. In the absence or reduction of sodium tripolyphosphate additives, the performance of sulfonic acid decreases greatly, but MES still maintains a good effect, suitable for phosphorus-free and low-phosphorus environmentally friendly detergent
    10. Production  by domestic and foreign tests and our company's test proves that the lower concentration of MES shows the same detergency as the higher concentration of sulfonic acid. Under the same conditions, detergent formulations containing MES still have higher detergency than sulfonic acid-containing formulations while reducing the amount of effective substances. Its cost performance is much higher than that of traditional LAS, which is beneficial to reduce costs and reduce the impact of washing wastewater on the environment.

Technology: Water heated at 55 degrees can be dissolved

Can not be dissolved with alkali, it will become disodium salt

Can only dissolve with neutral aqueous solution

Recommended dosage: 2%-5%

•         Performance and application:

a) MES has better ability to reduce surface tension, has better decontamination and calcium soap dispersing ability, and has moderate foam performance. It has good compatibility with LAS, AES, AOS and other surfactants, and improves the thickening of the formula.

b) MES is used in hand sanitizer, which has the characteristics of short rinsing time, fresh and soft skin after washing.

c) MES is used in washing powder and washing liquid to make the product easier to rinse.

d) MES is used in soap products to greatly improve calcium soap redeposition.


Packing: 25/50/600KG bags.

Storage: sealed at room temperature, shelf life of two years


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